Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Your Supernatural Force Multiplier Has Been Delivered

In prayer, I saw the image of a believer stepping onto a spiritual battlefield. They looked weak, outnumbered and ill-prepared to face the opposing force that was moving confidently in their direction. Then, in an instant, everything changed. The Lord whispered, “I have sent a force multiplier into this battle. Dramatic and unexpected change is about to occur. What I have added to your spiritual arsenal will turn an assumed defeat into an unexpected victory.”

I had to look up the term, “force multiplier”. It is a military term used to describe a technology or tactic that multiplies the combat effectiveness of an army. Force multipliers have been changing the outcome of wars for millennia whenever they have been present and deployed.                                

As you engage the spiritual conflict set before you, no longer look at your experience level, the size of your troops, your resources or even the level of your faith. As you step forward and employ a faith the size of a mustard seed a supernatural multiplication will be released that will change the outcome of the conflict. Your faith, no matter how ragged or diminished, will be used by God to turn the tide of this conflict. Heavenly resources and angelic allies are being sent into your battle. God is about to supernaturally multiply your efforts and your effectiveness. Confidently step forward in faith and watch God disperse the opposing forces that have stood before you in defiance.

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