Sunday, January 7, 2018

Evolve, Revolve or Devolve

I have noticed there are three directions our lives can move. We can evolve into something more. We can revolve around the status quo, or we can devolve into a lesser expression of ourselves than the one God intended for us to experience.

To evolve means I have seen and understand who I am seated in Christ at the right of the Father and want every aspect of my life to migrate toward that fuller expression of my heavenly reality. I require that every word and action in my life continue to evolve toward a more accurate expression of my true self.

To revolve means I think the current levels in my life of relationships, blessing, and impact are all there is and I must protect that static portion in fear that nothing more awaits me in the future. When we submit to a revolving mindset we become a protective spiritual manager of the present not seeing the possibilities and opportunities that await me in the future.

To devolve means somewhere along the way I failed or something did not work out as planned and because of human brokenness, I think my one chance at life has been exhausted. Hopelessness then enters my world and creates a downward spiral of thinking devolving my faith into a place of resignation. Resignation is a spirit that feeds on the corpse of self-pity. It is every bit as evil as any other demon of hell.

Evaluate your life and determine to which mode your thinking is currently aligned. No matter where you find yourself you always have the power of choice. God created your will and empowered it to pull the reins of your thinking out of the hands of a lie. 

At the moment you began your relationship with Jesus you were made into a new creature according to Scripture. Each time you choose to believe the best about God and yourself, you are evolving your earthly way of living into something heavenly.  The phrase, "On Earth, as it is in Heaven" is not just about cultural transformation or getting multitudes of people saved. The primary definition of that phrase is intended to change how we see ourselves before God and the challenges we face in this life. That kind of thinking will change everything and transform every aspect of your life.

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