Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Exposing Dark Agendas

A small discovery is about to lead to a massive shift in our culture. An uncovering is taking place. As events begin to unfold, look deeper than what is being offered to you as the assumed final word on any subject. If you have trained your eyes to see with the sight of the Spirit, the Lord will reveal to you what is not being seen by those who are watching these events unfold with the limitations of natural sight and human logic.

When I was a cop, we had a unique armed robber hitting convenience stores in our city. He was dubbed the Band-Aid Bandit because he wore a bright-colored children’s Band-Aid across the bridge of his nose when he committed a robbery. During a robbery, people were so focused on the colorful Band-Aid and the cartoon characters it depicted, that we had a hard time getting a decent description of the suspect. In the end, he was arrested when an alert street cop pulled him over for a minor traffic violation. The officer noticed a box of children’s Band-Aids on the floor in the back seat. One thing led to another, and an arrest was made. A minor violation led to a major arrest.

That one simple and creative tactic, putting a bright-colored Band-Aid on the bridge of the robber's nose, delayed the arrest of an aggressive armed criminal. The enemy of good wants you as a follower of Jesus Christ to focus on the shallow, first level of facts that natural sight and logic is presenting. This is a thin revelation that will only lead you to a prepared conclusion and not the identity of the real suspect.

Ask the Lord to help you see beneath these shallow offerings to what is really taking place in the realm of the Spirit. When you do, you will see the true suspect and he is not any of the faces being shown on the news outlets. He is the puppet master of a dark agenda. His greatest trick is to have you look only at the Band-Aids of deception he is offering instead of looking past the charade to see something deeper that is taking place. Wisdom will guide your eyes and enlighten your mind to help you uncover his true identity.

This thief has one mission. He has come to steal, kill and destroy. His current reign of deception will come to light in 2018. This exposure will reveal an evil work and the puppets he used to accomplish an evil agenda, but that is not all that will take place. God will use this exposure to train and mature a sometimes naive Church who too easily try to interpret a spiritual reality through the filter of human emotion and the lens of natural sight. In the end, we will be wiser and more insightful when the Band-Aid of deception is finally removed and we see what was actually taking place. When the next deception comes, we will be prepared to engage the real suspect earlier in the investigative process.

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  1. How about the 24/7 political news cycle with panels of pundits giving endless opinions? Thats a great distraction God can hardly get a word in...