Thursday, January 4, 2018

One Less Step

The more steps we have to take in order to complete an act of obedience, the more jeopardy we put ourselves in regarding our spiritual well being.

When I was a cop, I never carried anything in my right hand. I am right-handed. My right hand held my handgun. My right hand was always free and ready for those moments when a life and death situation developed unexpectedly.

There is a saying in police work, “Watch the hands!” I survived by that motto when dealing with suspects on the street. Hands held knives, guns and baseball bats. It also works in reverse for a cop.  If a rookie I was training approached a vehicle on a car stop at night with their flashlight in their gun hand, I would yell at them, “Get that flashlight out of your gun hand.” If trouble came to visit, the rookie would have added one step to the process of getting his gun out of his holster because he first had to ditch his flashlight before he pulled his weapon. That one step could get him killed.

In survival tactics, action is always faster than reaction. Always. The same is true in matters of the Spirit. The issues of everyday life can so fill our hands that when something out of the ordinary takes place that requires our immediate obedience, we die spiritually trying to react. Recovering from those situations can be more tedious than recovery and rehab from a gunshot wound. If our spiritual lives are free, unencumbered and prepared for immediate obedience, we will always live to see another day.

What's in your life that is preventing you from immediate obedience to God?  Answering that one question will keep you spiritually alive and able to serve the Lord for the remainder of your tour of duty.

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