Thursday, January 11, 2018

Protect Your Voice

From time-to-time, any of us can wander away from the fountain of fresh revelation. We can replace the content of a life-giving message with the stale flow of a substitute – a word generated by our frustration with the current state of gridlock in politics or the dishonor we see taking place in our culture. There is a problem with this kind of message. It does not possess the same supernatural potential contained in a Spirit-empowered prophetic word. These stale and lifeless words become nothing more than a revised version of the evening news dressed up in religious clothing.

This kind of detour typically begins in a season when we become frustrated with the slow pace of change. Somewhere along the way, as our frustration mounted, we failed to deal with the eroding condition of our heart. When change and transformation take longer than we hoped, our patience and trust levels are challenged. In these moments, we can release a word unprotected by the discipline of the Spirit. Resist this urge. Your voice is a valuable treasure empowered by Heaven. Protect and honor its content at all costs.

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