Friday, January 5, 2018

The Waves of Change

If you have ever stood on the seashore when a wave crashed and ran up the beach past your ankles you experienced what can happen when you looked down at your feet as the wave reversed course and rushed back down the beach. You got dizzy and disoriented and felt like you might fall over. The only way to end the dizziness was to look up.

The waves of recent change in your life are about to reverse course. You thought you could handle all the incoming situations and relationships. You enjoyed the approaching rush of these new experiences and it felt like you were doing well managing their presence. But then something changed. 

This season of incoming has ceased its forward motion just like a foaming wave does when it reaches the end of its run up a beach. What has surrounded your life is now receding. Like a person on a beach who looks down and focuses only on their ankles and the out-going motion of the wave, you have become disoriented. The Lord says to you, “Look up! Look at Me. I am your only place of stable focus while this reversal is taking place. Let this situation run its course and return back to where it came. When all of this has finally run its course, you will be found standing in a stable place. Look up!”

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