Friday, February 9, 2018

Navigating Through Opposing Opinions

We need to do a better job relating to each other when we find ourselves holding an opposing position on an issue of faith. These positions are in essence, only an opinion we have attached to very complex subjects. Our opinions are never the full measure of truth.

I have noticed people can have differing views regarding God’s Kingdom and the end of time. There are notable and trusted theologians who hold opposing views on this subject. One view has the Church in a state of decreasing influence as the world continues to descend deeper into realms of darkness. This view will culminate in the world being destroyed in an apocalyptic fireball. In the other view, the Church is increasing in her influence throughout the Earth, growing in maturity and authority with the kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdom of our Lord. I have come to believe the latter.

I no longer try to prove my position on any point of theology. In the end, that will only produce the label of winner and loser instead of brother and sister. I choose to see fellow believers as brothers and sisters, not winners or losers. As Billy Graham wisely said, “It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge and my job to love.” With those three understandings in place, I am confident everything will work out.

When the chronological record of time finally runs out, and the new Heavens and the new Earth are the only remaining realty, each of us will stand together in Jesus Christ as the Church, a fully redeemed people. That redemption will be complete. Nothing will be left out, even our most firmly held opinions. We will finally be one as Jesus prayed we would be. Always keep that in mind if you hold an opposing opinion to the status quo or if you are an ardent voice for the status quo. In the end, we are brothers and sisters with differing opinions on just about everything. Our opinions are just that, opinions. Our identity as followers of Christ is described in the language of family, not in a language sourced from our opinions on a particular point of theology.

Peace be with you.

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