Thursday, March 8, 2018

Repurposing a Place of Offense

What appears to have been suspended in time in a place of offense is about to change. A new future with a fresh start is being released. Something you thought was closed forever will be reopened, healed and restored.

In the 1920’s, an exquisite home was built atop Carpenter Hill overlooking our valley. The owners were a wealthy young couple from the east coast.  The home was the social hub of southern Oregon. To be invited to one of these exquisite parties was seen as the pinnacle of social status.

At one of these famous parties, a guest made a comment that upset the wife of the host. In her offense, the party was abruptly ended, and everyone asked to leave. Within days, the couple locked up the home and returned to the east coast. The home remained boarded up and suspended in time for 80 years until a long process of probate was finished and the home and property finally went on the market and sold.  

There have been events in some of your lives that resemble the party on Carpenter Hill. You were told to leave a relationship without any hope of reconciliation. You have wondered what happened that day to have caused such an offense. God is initiating a plan to bring you back to repurpose that abandoned place. You will walk into a musty experience that remains trapped in time. You will discover a suspended history, but no life. God is bringing you back to speak life, hope and to release a new future.

Today, the Carpenter Hill area is home to several beautiful wineries. The original home is now filled with life and laughter under new ownership. A place of offense has been transformed into a place of unusual beauty. 

This is what God wants to do for you when you return to your place of offense and rejection. You will find remnants of the past still there. The lingering sounds of that last painful party will hang in the air of your memory. Don’t let these relics of your past define your future. Clean out the old and invite the new to come. The spiritual wine of restoration and redemption is waiting to be produced and served at the future gatherings in this repurposed place. The parties God has planned in that repurposed place will overshadow the sorrow of the past. 

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