Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Baptized Imaginations

Spirit-led imagination functions in a place of unexplored possibilities outside the boundary of what is currently known and defined. This imagination takes place on the leading edge of an expanding revelation. C.S. Lewis described an experience called a "baptism of the imagination." It was in this baptism that his faith began to gain traction. Like C.S. Lewis, our imagination is waiting to be baptized in the waters of doubt and disbelief to rise up and see for the first time what was not previously imagined as a possibility. 

As you read this sentence, stop and lay your hands on your head, just as I did in the middle of writing these words. Ask God to baptize your imagination. Take into that immersion all your doubts, fears and dismissals that any new revelation is possible. When you rise out of this experience your spiritual eyes will begin to see new images, the substance of a revelation not imagined before your baptism. These images will reveal the mileposts God has set before you to guide your steps into the preferred future He has planned for your life. This is your time to imagine, and in some cases, re-imagine that a new day and a new season is possible.

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