Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Doorway of God's Favor

The favor of God is like a doorway. When it appears, you must choose to walk through its opening. To step across its threshold requires courage. Your existing circle of relationships might not understand the favor of God and demand that you accept the limitations of a false favor called unquestioned allegiance. If you stay within the confines of this false favor you will not experience the fullness of God’s calling upon your life. 

Before you take the step, make sure that honor is securely in place in your heart regarding those who are demanding your allegiance. Your decision will be challenged. A heart of honor will keep you safe when the accusations come.  Without honor and a willingness to bless those who disagree with your choice, the intended fruit of God's favor will not be experienced. 

Someday, when you look back on your life in a moment of reflection, you will see how the favor of God became a rudder that steered your life to a good place. In that good place, you will look around and see some of those who initially demanded your allegiance and questioned your departure. They were able to discover God’s favor for their life when they watched you follow the leading of God. You became a model of hope. Your courage helped them take the first step through their personal doorway of favor to discover something they never thought possible. Favor is powerful. It is the way forward.

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