Wednesday, June 6, 2018

North Korea – History Will Fast-Forward and Prayers Will Be Answered

I just watched a powerful video from Lance Wallnau. In the video, Lance shared a piece of history from the family line of Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s great-great-grandparents were Christians. 

A Wikipedia reference says of Kim Jong Un's grandfather, Kim Il Sung, the First Supreme Leader of North Korea, “According to Kim, his family was not very poor but was always a step away from poverty. Kim said that he was raised in Presbyterian family, that his maternal grandfather was a Protestant minister, that his father had gone to a missionary school and was an elder in the Presbyterian Church, and that his parents were very active in the religious community.”

A recent article in Charisma Magazine written by J. Lee Grady reported that North Korea will be opening their borders to Christian missionaries. We are on the precipice of something unexpected. I believe God is about to fast-forward the Christian history and the prayers of Kim Jong Un’s believing ancestors for fulfillment in this moment of history.

Dust off your faith and begin to believe for the impossible. There are many cynics who will have “rational” reasons why a miraculous turnaround cannot happen in North Korea. Those same cynics deny other supernatural works and turnarounds accomplished by God in human history. This is a time to believe and expect that impossibly gridlocked situations in our world can take unprecedented turns toward breakthrough because God is at work. 

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