Thursday, July 26, 2018

Falling Dominoes

Yesterday some strange things began to take place in our home. I won’t go into detail, but after two events manifested, I realized hell was at work. I literally stopped what I was doing and commanded those things to cease and desist their activity. What was taking place finally stopped, and life returned to normal.

This morning, the event from yesterday came to mind. I saw an image of dominoes. These dominoes were not placed in a tidy straight line. They were on edge all across a table in what appeared to be a random pattern. The dominoes represented elements and institutions within our culture. As the image developed, I felt the tedious nature of the dominoes standing on edge. I knew they were about to fall. No one could predict which domino would fall first because the Lord held that domino in secret.

When the first domino fell it would appear to someone not seeing the unfolding event through the eyes of the Spirit as a series of random and disconnected acts, but I knew it was not by chance. It was a purposeful collapse. There was a heavenly design not only in the placement of each domino on the table but in the sequence in which the dominoes were assigned to fall.

The ignition point for this chain-reaction will be hard to detect. It will be like my rebuke of the interfering and frustrating spiritual presence in our home. I did not feel connected to anything beyond what was happening in our kitchen.  At that moment when I exercised authority over what was taking place, my domino fell. It fell along with others who were in that same moment releasing the authority of Heaven upon the Earth.

What is your domino? Don’t just go along with any work of hell in your life that is contrary to the will and heart of God. Do something with the authority God has given to you. Exercise it! Though the act of your obedience may seem small and disconnected from the larger scheme of things, it is not. Your individual role is important. Your falling domino will play a vital role in the Spirit-inspired sequence of the larger collapsing puzzle. When all the dominoes finally fall it will reveal the way forward not only for you but for the culture at large.

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