Tuesday, July 24, 2018

God Have Mercy

Nothing in a life of faith works without God’s mercy. Through the course of our lives, each of us will make both good and bad decisions. Some of these decisions will hurt others. The response to our failed choices can also wound us. No one will have a perfect track record on either side of a disputed issue. As the human will is exercised in imperfect ways creating painful results, each of us will have an opportunity to discover the powerful reality of God's mercy. Mercy has the power to make everything work out for the good if we choose to walk along its path of freedom. 

If you are questioning a decision you made, you are not alone. Everyone who has a heart will examine the quality of the choices they make. In the middle of the questioning, choose to shift your focus away from sorrow and regret to face in the direction of God's mercy. In that shift, make the choice to exchange your pain for the promises of God. This is only possible if you believe that God remains forever merciful even when you may have been the perpetrator of another person’s pain. In that shift and resulting exchange, you will find the elusive peace you wanted when everything began to fall apart. 

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