Friday, July 20, 2018

The Corral of God's Restoring Love

Jan and I just drove through some very remote sections of eastern Oregon. This is a place where the term “wide open spaces” could easily find its definition. You can travel for miles before you see any sign of human settlement. What I did see were roadside caution signs like, “Open Range – Watch for Livestock on Road”. I also saw remote wooden corrals with loading chutes and ramps. These corrals are used to round up cattle that have lived on open rangeland. The corrals are not abandoned. They are used at various times in the year for cattle ranchers to gather their herds.

After passing several of these corrals, I began to think of prodigal children, wayward friends and other disconnected relationships that God wants to restore. These disconnected ones have roamed freely in the open range of their free will yet they live in an unrealized bondage having pulled away from the ones they once loved.

God has placed a spiritual corral on the open range of these loved ones. He knows how to find them in the distant outback and round them up to corral them for a moment of restoration. God’s corral will narrow their options and in love allow their own choices and consequences to force them into a narrow loading chute and up the ramp to experience a reconnection of relationship. 

Get ready to be called by the Spirit to pull your rig up to God’s corral and experience a Spirit-led reconnection with those you thought were lost forever. God knows where the people you love are roaming in rebellion. He hasn’t lost track of anyone. He leaves the ninety-nine to find the one because the one matters to you and to Him.

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