Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Siren Sound

As I sat in my writing chair a bit after 4:00 am this morning, I had the window open listening to the sounds of the night. Off in the distance, I heard the wail of a siren responding to someone who had called for help. The sound of the siren was piercing the darkness while most of the city slept. For the one who called for help, this morning did not start out as they had hoped. I sensed the siren sound was prophetic in nature. 

There are some of you reading this post who have awakened in this season of your life to a reality you had never contemplated. You have cried out for help, but help has not yet arrived. You are alone in a terrifying situation. A siren of the Spirit has sounded, and the help you so desperately need is on its way. In the fearful moments between now and the arrival of assistance, you will be given a gift. It will be the gift of a strange and unexplainable peace. This peace will not change the circumstance. It will change how you process this fearful moment in your life. Help is on the way. Until its arrival, embrace the peace and watch God move on your behalf in miraculous ways. 

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