Friday, August 10, 2018

Spiritual Wildfires

God has stopped a spiritual wildfire you did not know was burning. He did this so you could continue focusing on your current assignment without interruption. God has been doing this throughout your life, most of the time without your knowledge of the pending danger. If you knew all God was continually doing to save and deliver you from peril, you might become overwhelmed at the scope of the surrounding and never-ending spiritual fires that swirl around your life. 

Earlier this week, during a hike in a remote part of a large abandoned WWII military base, I came across the remnants of a small fire that began to burn but had been extinguished. It had tremendous potential to burn hundreds of acres. It was stopped before it could mature into a major conflagration. What I noticed was a prominent fire line dug in the soil by firefighters who stopped the fire from advancing. I could also see the tracks from their emergency vehicles that sped across the grassland toward the developing fire. At the declared fire line the fire could no longer advance because the line dug in the dirt had starved the fire of its demand for fuel. At the fire line, the fire lost its flame.

The Lord has created fire lines in areas of your life where you have no knowledge that wildfires exist, let alone are currently burning. Angelic fire crews are always on alert to fight these fires at the direction of the Lord. Each of these hidden fires could take you out had not God intervened and declared, “This fire will burn no farther!” 

Today, live confidently knowing that God is at work in the spiritual realm protecting you and your loved ones. This protection is taking place behind the scenes and without your knowledge. You don’t have to be concerned by events that transpire that you cannot see. This creates worry and robs you of your faith. You may smell a hint of distant smoke, but don’t let it detract or derail your commitment to what God has assigned for your life. God has your back, and He is watching over you. Rest in His love and protection and keep moving forward.

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