Thursday, August 2, 2018

Winning the West - A Fresh Move of God

This month, Jan and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. Today, as we typically do each day, we took communion. Between passing the bread and the wine, I heard the Spirit speak the words, “Colt 45.” Immediately, I saw the image of a Colt 45 revolver. For those of you not familiar, the Colt 45 Peacemaker has been dubbed “The gun that won the West.” When Samuel Colt created his single-action masterpiece he could not have imagined the impact his revolver would have in the taming of the Wild West of the American frontier. I have always admired the Colt .45 for its beauty and power, though I have never had the privilege of owning one of these treasured revolvers.

When I first heard the Lord speak the words, “Colt .45”, I realized He was talking to Jan and me about the 45th year of our relationship and what our future holds. I got the sense that just like Samuel Colt’s revolver won the West in the natural something in the Spirit is about to be released to win the West to God. So much is taking place spiritually in this region of our nation. Revivalists are relocating here. National and international leaders in the Church are holding citywide meetings. God is stirring our region. 37 years ago, Jan and I planted our first church in Kalispell, Montana in the Colt 45 room of the Outlaw Inn. God was getting my attention about the number 45.

As I continued to ponder the number “45”, the Lord said, “45th Parallel.” When I did some research, I almost fell out of my proverbial chair. The 45th parallel on the Earth crosses the State of Oregon. I recalled seeing a marker along Interstate 5 near Salem, Oregon that states the following, “45th Parallel – Half Way Between the Equator and North Pole.”

2018 will mark the beginning of the winning of the West for Jesus Christ. A unique move of God’s Spirit is beginning to take place. Pay attention to the “small” things God whispers. Follow those whispers to a place of unexpected revelation where your faith will be strengthened as mine was just a few minutes ago during communion. God is on the move in the West!

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