Saturday, August 11, 2018

Your Coming Moment of Lift

The season that is now coming to an end has been like an airplane gaining speed on a very long runway. You have been increasing momentum in the Spirit and have reached a critical point. Lift is about to take place. Unknown to you, God has been adding additional runaway in front of your faith to bring you to this moment of ascent. 

The wing of an airplane flies because of how wind travels over the surface of the wing. When an aircraft wing moves through the air, the air splits upon impact with the leading edge and then travels along the top and bottom of the wing to meet once again at the trailing edge. 

The top of an airplane wing is arched. The bottom is typically flat. Because of the arch on top of the wing, the wind on top has a longer distance to travel than the wind along the bottom. The air on top has to move faster than the air on the bottom to meet once again after the wing makes its pass through a section of the atmosphere. This is called, Bernoulli’s Principle of Fluid Dynamics. This faster-moving air atop the wing creates a low-pressure system that produces lift allowing an airplane to experience flight.

You have thought that high-pressure and stress would be what elevates your calling. God works in the opposite way. He moves us upwards, like the lift created by an airplane wing, toward a place of low pressure where peace, trust and rest create the spiritual lift that striving, doubt, and unrest could never create.

The end of this long runway season is in sight. God has been moving you forward toward a place of low pressure. In a Spirit-directed moment, you will experience a lift that could never be produced by adopting principles of life filled with the human-empowered, high-pressure efforts of striving and worry. Let go of those things, and you will break the natural bonds of Earthly wisdom and fly into the higher altitudes of calling and mission you never thought possible when you were still making your long takeoff run. 

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  1. Awesome analogy about lift to elevated place in the Kingdom of God thank you
    Apostle Zipporah Brown