Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Shot to the Heart

Recently, during worship at a large gathering of pastors, I looked across the sanctuary and saw a friend. He is about my age, and I know he is processing his legacy. He and his wife have a beautiful family and have become grandparents. As the worship deepened, the Lord revealed an image of this man’s prayer life. Like all people of faith, he has been praying for his family and their future.

As the image developed, I saw all his descendants lined up in a single line by age. The line extended far into the distance and disappeared off into generations yet to be born.  I saw him praying. Each word of his prayers became like heavenly projectiles fired in faith. As the prayers were released, they entered the heart of the youngest grandchild and passed through each heart lined up by age, one after the other. The impact and power of these prayer projectiles did not lessen no matter how far they traveled through time. None of the prayers missed their mark. Each one struck a heart and accomplished its intended mission.

I was enjoying what I saw in the vision so much that I began to pray for my family in the middle of worship. A Spirit-inspired confidence came over me. I became emotional knowing God would be faithful to perform what He had promised. 

Ask the Lord to expand your understanding of the power and impact of your prayers. Envision your family lined up, one after another off into the distance of what is known, and beyond. Begin to pray in faith trusting that you are releasing miraculous projectiles of transformation empowered by the love of God. As you pray, confidence will rise up within you knowing that hell cannot knock these prayers off course. God will be faithful to deliver your prayers deep into the hearts of those who bear your name, both now and far into a future yet to be revealed.

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