Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Landing in Unexpected Places

On my drive home, I noticed that a paraglider had landed in a vacant lot in town. It was obvious this was not his intended landing spot. As I drove past the pilot, he was gathering up his fabric wing and harness and walking toward the street. He looked fine and uninjured. I assumed he would soon make a phone call to have a friend come and pick him up.

As soon as I passed the man, the Spirit nudged me to gain my attention and shared an interesting word.

Some of you set out on your flight of faith following the wind of the Spirit. You had a destination in mind, but then the wind shifted and you now find yourself landing in an unplanned destination. This is not a mistake or an error in judgment. God will use this unlikely landing zone to reveal the next stage of your calling. Repositioning you has a larger Kingdom purpose that will be revealed in the coming days.

The Lord is changing the wind currents of His Spirit. He is moving some of you to places you did not plan to land or even knew existed when you first launched. If you could see what is taking place outside your context you would see other people touching down in equally unusual landing zones. This is happening because God is divinely repositioning His people for the next expression of His will on Earth.

A fresh wind is blowing and its direction is not predictable. You have not wandered off course. You have been in the flow of the Spirit and God is repositioning your life for greater effectiveness. If you are still airborne expect a safe landing. Enjoy the flight. 

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