Wednesday, February 27, 2019

When the Gossips Gossip

The negative and demeaning conversations that take place behind your back and outside your presence are typically based on assumption and misinformation. These conversations are called gossip. Do not align your concern with an attempt to correct these sad conversations and don’t expend your limited energy trying to correct the sin of a talebearer. That is a ploy of the enemy to draw you away, drain your strength and corrupt your heart. 

When unfounded gossip is flying about unrestrained you have a choice. You can plan to retaliate and become part of a larger problem or you can thank God for the mercy He extended to you when you did the same thing in your moments of weakness. That thankfulness will keep you humble and separate from acts of vengeance and retribution. 

Bless your accusers when you hear their whispers. A blessing has the power and authority to destroy a dark agenda. Blessing our enemies is a potent weapon of spiritual warfare.

In the process, stay focused on God. He is your only safe refuge when under attack and He is the One whose opinion about you matters most. If you can focus on that opinion when the blade of gossip tries to cut into your heart you will come out the other side of the experience a better person emotionally and spiritually. If you can navigate these attacks with wisdom and compassion, you will receive a supernatural gift. You will be able to look your accusers in the eye and forgive them and really mean it.

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