Saturday, March 30, 2019

Slow Down

Someone put this sign in front of their home encouraging people to slow down as they transit our neighborhood. When I saw the sign, I thought of more than kids being harmed by careless drivers. I thought of the heated cultural climate in which we currently live. We can drive too fast through life with the feet of our opinion pressing hard against the accelerator of our perceived right to speak our mind at all times even when the mind we speak may not always be the mind of Christ. 

Today, slow down the speeding feedback and knee-jerk responses your emotions want to release when you see a culture in turmoil. Our attitudes and the way we live can run over people all in the name of being right. Slowing down and thinking about what we share will help us see the people on the street of our lives and keep us from running them over with our opinion or our “right” to do as we please. We need to drive our lives with the measured response of wisdom and, as a result, the neighborhood of our culture will be a safer place to live.

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