Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Climbing to the Top

The private and unseen issues of character and integrity carry the greatest significance as you move higher in your calling. Don’t neglect them. If our character and integrity are left undisciplined, we will create, through neglect, the greatest jeopardy to finishing well.

I tie my shoes with what is called a Mountaineer’s Knot. It is a double-loop knot that does not come undone no matter how strenuous my hike. Imagine someone free soloing up the 3,000-foot rock face of El Capitan in Yosemite and midway in the ascent the shoelace on one of their climbing shoes comes undone. Hanging on a rock wall by just the tips of your fingers and a narrow toehold would not allow a person an opportunity to tie their shoelace and continue the climb. They would eventually fall to their death.

As you make your ascent to the next level of your calling don’t focus on the summit. Focus on your pre-climb checklist. On the wall of the ascent is no place to let spiritual neglect reveal something that your maturity should have addressed long ago. Don’t rush the preparation or the climb. It will be the basics of your faith, not a stupendous supernatural event or a moment of unusual revelation that will get you to the top. God will use the discipline of your body, soul, and spirit to deliver you safely to the summit of your calling. 

Today, patiently and thoroughly go over your pre-climb checklist. If everything is not ready get it ready before you reach for your first handhold. Taking time to do these small things right will never delay your journey. They will ensure you are able to safely make the climb and reach the summit of God's calling for your life.

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