Sunday, April 28, 2019

Proving Our Worth

Bondage is anything we do to prove our worth. We have nothing to prove. We have been placed in Jesus at the right hand of the Father in eternity. In that place, we are full and complete in Christ. We live this current life from the reality of that present eternal position. This life will eventually be no more. Our position in Christ will remain unchanged throughout all eternity. 
We have gained all the worth we will ever possess. Our worth was given to us the day we received the gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. In Him, we were made fully worthy. 
Because we have already been placed in the final destination of our life journey, we never have to struggle to gain worth. Trying to prove our worth in any way is bondage. Bondage is a self-inflicted wound. 
We pick up bondage whenever we try to prove our worth to God by doing anything to validate that worth. If at any point in your journey of life you begin to feel unworthy, stop. Stop and deal with that lie before you do anything else. God wants you to experience life and freedom. That is why he set you free before the journey began. 

(An excerpt from the book, A Good Place)

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