Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Collapsing Scaffolding of Deception

For several weeks, I have been hearing the words “collapsing scaffolding” in my spirit. Throughout human history, the scaffolding of lies has been erected over the face of God like construction scaffolding is placed over the front of a building in an attempt to remodel its appearance. The false scaffolding that has been erected over the image of God in our generation is coming down and its collapse will reveal His heart.

The love of God and the expressions of His heart have been obscured by those who have erected false agendas in an attempt to remake God into their image and worldview. This has been done historically by either a religious or political spirit at work in both the culture and the Church.

God is not the expression of a political party or a cultural agenda. He is not impressed by our preferred theologies about Him. He is above all things and stands above our best understanding of His nature. Nothing about Him is constructed by human understanding and no delusion will endure forever in an attempt to obscure His image.

God is speaking and with each word that He utters the structural integrity of the scaffolding of deception is being compromised. This is one reason why we are hearing so many similar prophetic words, many saying the same thing. This repetition is actually directed prophetic artillery fire aimed at specific targets within the scaffolding weakening its overall structure.  God could bring on this collapse instantly if He so desired. The reason this collapse is taking time is that God desires to work in partnership with His Church. He is training us how to fight spiritual battles.

In a moment of His choosing, God will reveal the fullness of His face before our nation and the world. As the scaffolding begins to collapse don’t focus on the downfall itself. Set your face to look upon the face of God. That will be your only safe place of focus when the dust and debris created by the collapse swirl around you.

The collapse will test the heart of the Church. Discipline your celebration when this takes place. Do not allow your response to be ruled by your flesh and align with any celebration that shouts, “I told you so!” Let your celebration express the heart of God like that of Jesus who wept over the unbelief of Jerusalem because they did not yet see the face of God.

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