Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Discerning the Purpose of an Open Door

We write and speak a lot about open doors of opportunity. What we don't talk about is the need to pause on the threshold of those open doors to inquire of the Lord to determine if He was the one who opened the door. A life that demands continual forward motion is a life that puts itself and others in a place of unnecessary jeopardy.

When I was a cop, doors were opened to me that revealed things I did not know when the call came out. I've had doors open to decaying dead bodies, empty houses, women in skimpy lingerie, people with guns who wanted to shoot me, suicides in progress, booby traps, abandoned children and the list goes on. On some of these calls, impatient rookies wanted to rush in and see what was inside. Many times I had to forcefully put my arm across the chest of a rookie cop to slow them down to discern what was beyond the open door. These impatient ones lived to see another day because they slowed down enough to evaluate what was in front of them.

Your next open door might not open up to give you a blessing. God may send you through an open spiritual door to use you to solve a life crisis or serve the needs of another person. Some open doors are cleverly disguised traps of the enemy waiting to capture you for a dark purpose. It is important to know what an open door represents before you enter its room.

Open doors are threshold moments that must be evaluated to determine their source and purpose. Like it was when I was a cop, it is wise to take a moment or two to figure out what’s going on before you cross the threshold of an open door. In some cases, you will move forward and in other cases, you will back away. 

Knowing the purpose of an open door requires the gifts of discernment and wisdom. If you can pause long enough to work in concert with those gifts you will discover the direction of your next step when you are standing on the threshold of an open door. 

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