Saturday, May 11, 2019

Prophetic Courage and Integrity

For my prophetic friends, Jan just sent this blessing to me that is part of a book of blessings she is writing. Read this and then listen to what the Lord is saying. When you hear His word, step forward and speak with a boldness and courage forged by integrity and truth. A new prophetic clarity is coming!
Blessing of a Watchman
Isaiah 21:6-10
Isaiah’s response to the vision of Babylon’s downfall is followed by a strong sense of divine revelation: “This is what the Sovereign Lord said to me.” Isaiah’s stance on the “word of the Lord” is to be ours. 
Garris wrote about a “high-definition” version of prophetic insight that God is releasing to accelerate the rate of transformation and reformation. “Just like high-definition photography and television provide cleaner lines of the image being portrayed, so it will be with you. Vaguely defined and blurry prophetic imagery will give way to profound clarity.”

In the name of Jesus Christ,
I bless your spirit with high-
definition clarity: 
Listen for what He says to you,
look for what He shows you.
Go! Set a watchman
to declare what you see.
Like Isaiah, may you be a
watchman for the Sovereign Lord: 
Post a lookout.
Without bending to intimidation,
may you respond with resolute
strength, persevering daily
and all the nights.
Wait for His word to be given—
and then reliably speak without
fabrication or falsity:
May you speak with certainty—
without skirting around the truth,
being vague about the truth,
delaying to give the truth,
over-stretching the truth,
or avoiding telling the whole truth.
Tell only what you see and hear—
in order to get the right message
and to get the message right.
I bless you with trustworthiness
and passion to speak His truth in love.
Watch for signs of a fulfilled word
and report what you see.
In the end, the sign will be fulfilled.

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