Thursday, June 13, 2019

Blessing of the Way-Maker - Isaiah 43:14-21 by Jan Elkins

In the name of Jesus Christ,
      I bless your spirit in this new hour.
May you take hold of something new;
      a fresh new way you have never been before,
      a fresh plan you have not imagined,
      a fresh new season you could not envision.

He is your Way-Maker: Remember His
      past deliverances and interventions
      and believe that even now
      He is birthing His promises in you.

As you remember His past works—
      lean forward into the present;
      live in the present reality
      of the Exodus-God.
See into the invisible and live from there
      as you face your future.

Listen to the Lord God, the Holy One,
      your King and Kinsman-Redeemer:
      I built roads right through deep waters,
      I carved paths right through turbulence,
      and you enemies troubled you no more.

Now I am doing something unheard of—
      a brand new thing.
Even now it is springing up and bursting out!
      Can you see it? Look, there it is—a seed

I chose you and formed you and I am
      making a way for you—I am making
      a road through the wilderness—
      supplying streams of water in the desert,
      and rivers through the sun baked 
      earth to satisfy your thirst. 

May you believe and receive blessings
      from your Kinsman-Redeemer, who has
      taken your needs as His very own needs— 
      fully involving Himself in your life,
      fully committing to you, assuring
      you of His continuing, purposeful care.
      and divine provision.

The Holy One is not outside your history
      looking in: He is right beside you; 
      He has made a way for you—
      building a road through troubled waters,
      carving a path through your turbulent past.

He is turning roadways into highways
      of safety and your enemy will
      no longer be able to trouble you.
What your Father, the King,
      did in the past,He will do again.
I bless you with His great acts as you
      journey on pathways secured
      and protected by Him.

And don’t let your past define your future. 
Don’t be weighed down by past failures
      at the expense of moving forward, 
      using them as an excuse to hold you back.
Don’t waste your sorrows—your regrets
      your discouragement and hopelessness: 
      I bless you with God’s reinterpretation
      of your history and healing.

A seed of promise often has to die
      in order to truly live:
      You are learning to overcome death
      in order to live a more abundant life—
      with greater capacity to contain
      God’s revelation of Himself
      and to walk in greater authority. 

Come breath of God—breathe life
      into the seeds of promise
      we thought were dead.

I bless you with this new day!
Like a seed germinating and breaking
      through the soil, your time has come.

He has determined to bless you—
      pouring out blessings upon blessings 
      upon blessings upon you.
Your Way-Maker is doing a new thing—
      it will be unmistakable,
      you cannot miss it!

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