Saturday, June 15, 2019

Trust - God's Spiritual Muscle Car

Today, I took a few minutes between errands to visit a car show that takes place each year in Medford, Oregon. Row after row of classic cars was
lined up on a grass field in one of our city parks. In the middle of all the cars was an Olds 442 muscle car. I stopped in my tracks and stared at the car. Memories began to flood into my mind from a time in my life many years ago. A 442 was the last undercover car assigned to me when I worked in an organized crime and narcotics unit. As I stood in the summer heat I recalled high-risk takedowns, drug busts and crooked politicians who liked their dope and those who trafficked its pain and sorrow. All of those memories were in an around an Olds 442.

One memory with the 442 was of a night when my partner and I followed a lead about a potential drug buy and discovered a dirty cop. The next day after filing our report pushback came from our higher-ups informing us to leave the case alone. The pushback was in the form of a subtle threat. 

Seeing the writing on the wall, my partner and I found employment elsewhere. I ended up going to Springfield, Oregon to take a job with the police department. I had one desire. I wanted to get back in uniform and leave behind my days as an undercover cop with the long hair, a beard, and a false identity. It was in that move that I eventually walked into the doors of Faith Center in Eugene, Oregon to encounter a supernatural God and the rest is history.

You are in a vehicle of sorts at this time in your life. It may not be a muscle car, but it could be a relationship, a job or a season of life. All of these vehicles are used by God to transport us somewhere. Little did I know one dark night in an alley when I almost had to shoot a dirty cop that the vehicle I was riding in that night would be the last vehicle I would use in that capacity. One season in my law enforcement career was being driven to an end where a door of opportunity would open to reveal a new season of my life. 

Whatever life-vehicle you are riding in today trust God to use that vehicle to bring you to a place where the unfolding of the next season of your life awaits. The ultimate spiritual muscle car is a model called Trust. No threat of hell or fear of man can beat it off the line.

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