Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Arrival of Prophetic Echoes

The echoes of prophetic words spoken in the past are approaching our moment of history. These are words that were assigned to be received and experienced more than once. They are living words that are continually issuing a prophetic echo. 

These echoes carry generational assignments to be delivered and redelivered at various times throughout history. They are like the word Joel spoke about the coming of the Spirit that would be poured out in the last days. That promise first released on the Day of Pentecost would become a continuous prophetic echo - a promise available to each generation that would follow. It has been an echo of prophetic promise heard in each revival and renewal in the last 2,000 years of Church history.

Some of these approaching prophetic echoes are specific for families and nations. Other echoes will be heard by church movements and denominations that once experienced a powerful work of the Spirit, but live today empowered only by good works, well-meaning programs and enough money to mask their lack of power. The approaching echoes will awaken abandoned destines.

Each echo will be as powerful today as when its promise was first delivered. Time and distance will have no negative effect. A prophetic echo carries the same authority and power today as when it was originally released. Only a lack of faith can diminish its intended impact. 

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