Friday, July 26, 2019

Spiritual Cruise Control

God has given you the ability to ascend in faith the obstacles of life while others may fall behind. Some of those who fall behind are people you know through the daily activities of life. They might even be friends. This is not because you are better than anyone else. It is merely the effect of faith on the movement of your life and how certain events will play out when faith is involved.

Maybe this has happened to you. Yesterday, I was returning home from a trip to California. Between Oregon and California is an extensive range of mountains that freeway I-5 crosses. I like to use cruise control, so I set my speed on long drives and let the car do the work. 

Yesterday on several occasions, I had cars pass me on the flat sections of the freeway just about the time we hit an incline. I was still on cruise control. They were apparently not and the incline caused them to slow down. In several instances, just as soon as someone passed me and hit the hill and slowed down, I began passing them because I was still on cruise control. My speed remained constant. 

This back and forth went on each time we climbed a section of incline. One driver looked over at me as I passed and gave me a dirty look like I was some kind of jerk playing cat and mouse with him. Not wanting to create a road rage incident, I put a pleasant look on my face, smiled and kept moving forward. 

When God gives you an assignment, set your spiritual cruise control to the setting the Spirit reveals for your course of spiritual travel. This faith setting will allow you to maintain the momentum needed to ascend what lies before you. Others may rely on their natural abilities and will begin to lag behind you when an obstacle appears. Don’t be surprised or respond emotionally when you pass someone on your ascent, and they look at you with disgust. It’s not personal. Pray for them as you pass by and remember to keep your eyes on the road God has given you to travel.

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