Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Revolving Door of Your Future

Many of us are sensing a shift taking place in our spiritual lives. This shift is not always accompanied by a change in geography or employment. It is a deeper shift that takes place in the realm of the Spirit.

As I was processing that idea, I saw an image of revolving doors. When the image appeared, I stepped forward, trying to time my entry. When I stepped into the chamber of the revolving door, I saw someone else walking on the other side going in the opposite direction. I realized I was actually seeing a version of myself from the last season walking into an appointed place in history. When I finally passed through the revolving door I was delivered into a new season in the Spirit.

If you are sensing the same thing, I want to let you know some of what is taking place in this revolving door experience. You are being upgraded. Your past anointing is being upgraded for a new season and a new assignment. What you have relied on in the past for support will no longer provide sufficient support for your new assignment. You are stepping into an upgraded support system. 

You will face two challenges in this transition. The two challenges are an attitude of assumption and stationary thinking. These two if left unchallenged will keep you standing at the entry of the revolving door not taking the step of faith required to time your entry into what God is developing. 

In this transition, you will experience a moment of amazement and wonder when you see the old version of you pass by the new you as the revolving door moves you forward. What you learned in that past has taught you a great deal. Nothing will be wasted. What is coming is even more profound. Take the step of faith and trust God. He will not fail you.

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