Monday, August 19, 2019

A Reversal of Misfortune

Today was one of those days when I had nothing planned to write. I sat in my writing chair empty of content and prayed, “Lord, is there something you want me to write.” It would be fine with me to not write anything if He had nothing for me to say. As soon as I prayed that simple prayer, an image came to mind. It was an image I have seen several times in the last week. I knew at that moment what I was to write.

Earlier this week, I saw the image of a massive wave approaching a populated landmass. The wave was higher than the tallest buildings along the shore. As the wave approached, it was obvious the wave would overwhelm the area and bring great destruction and death. I prepared to run but realized that trying to run away would be a futile effort, so I turned around and faced the approaching wave. As soon as I turned around, the wave reversed course and began to return in the direction from which it came and then the image was finished.

Interpreting what I saw, I understood it on two levels. The first was that something significant was approaching us on a cultural level, and the other would take place personally for some of you reading these words. Even though they are different in scope, both will have the same outcome, and both will be remedied in the same way. 

What seemed impossible to turn back, as represented in the wave, will suddenly reverse course when we turn around and face the wave. At that moment, our stance of faith will become a testimony to the world that  God is our only source of deliverance. When the wave reverses course, it will return to its point of origin and decimate what caused the wave to initially mount up and begin to move forward on its destructive journey. 

There are some things in life that we cannot pray away or teach away. These are things that can only be reversed when we have no hope apart from the intervention of God. This is where the greatest miracles and reversals take place. In these situations, all we can do is turn around, face our fear in faith, and trust God with the outcome. 

There are things approaching our culture and our personal lives that are so immense in their destructive power that only an intervention by God can save the day. When these things approach don’t turn and run away in fear. Turn around and in defiance to the wave of fear hold your ground and watch God do something amazing and awe-inspiring.

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