Monday, August 26, 2019

Plant a Promise - Harvest a Rainbow

At the back of our property, we have a lawn. By this time of year, it is getting really dry. It needs help. We stuck an impulse sprinkler in the ground to water the lawn, giving it some extra attention in the hot summer days of August. 

Yesterday morning, Jan and I were sitting at our outdoor table having coffee and a croissant. I looked up and saw something I had never seen before. On each pass of the sprinkler spray, a rainbow was formed. After several passes and seeing a new rainbow formed with each pass, I snapped the photo you see in this writing. Jan and I felt God was speaking. While we sat at the table, we must have seen a least a hundred rainbows.

The rainbow image is so much like God. He not only turns a dry place into something moist and lush, but He is also kind. He loves to remind us He is there with us in the process of restoration. He always attaches some kind of affirmation in a dry place to remind us of His abiding presence. 

In the middle of this dry summer, Jan and I had to make a choice to stick the sprinkler in the ground to help the lawn. It is like our spiritual life. God gives us a promise, but we must place the promise in our dry place.  Once our act of faith is in place, the life of God’s Spirit begins to sprinkle what we thought was dead, dry, and beyond hope of restoration. To let us know He is at work while the dry place is being transformed, God will always provide a symbol affirming the promise He made. It may not be a rainbow. It can be a child turning an emotional corner by doing a simple act of obedience, an unresponsive spouse affirming their love with a tender word of affection or the first installment of a financial breakthrough.

Today, go to your dry place and stick a promise in the ground. Invite the Spirit to come and water that place with God's presence. Once you have planted the promise trust God to bring new life. At some point in the process, a symbol of affirmation will come to let you know God will be faithful to accomplish what He promised.

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