Monday, August 5, 2019

Prophetic Placement

The most significant prophetic words are not always spoken from behind a podium in a church service, or by a speaker at a conference. The most significant prophetic words are many times spoken in closed doors gatherings with world-changers whose target is the transformation of a culture or in a private office meeting with a political figure who governs a nation. Sometimes these words are delivered in what the world would describe as a "chance" meeting on the street. The significance of the word is not defined by the venue of its delivery.

The people who carry and deliver this level of prophetic ministry know they were positioned for the delivery of the word solely by the hand of God. It is too easy to spend our lives making a way for our gift instead of allowing God to make the way. That desire can limit the scope of our gift and our ability to be used by God in a more significant and powerful way.

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