Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Thieves of Our Rest

Many people think of Sabbath as a day to not do any labor. While that can be true and needed, the essence of Sabbath in this Covenant is much more. It is actually the person of Jesus Christ - the One we carry with us throughout the week. He is our Sabbath rest.

Those who live in that reality have come to understand Sabbath is not just the absence of doing. It is choosing to do less of what is not important. It is allowing God's Spirit to reveal those rest-less feelings we all have that surface in a place of rest.

These feelings reveal the unchallenged addictions we have that demand we always live in motion and productivity to prove our worth. These are the things God is after when we make room for a day or an hour of rest. They are thieves assigned to steal our joy of living and will always float to the surface and become visible when we choose to rest. 

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