Monday, March 2, 2020

A Father's Blessing

I've held off releasing this blessing written by Jan for a few days waiting for the right time. I sense today is the right time. Some have had challenging relationships with their earthly father or a father figure. Others are trying to help someone get healed from the wounds of a broken father relationship. I believe hearing the words of this blessing will become a healing salve of the Spirit. These words of blessing will confront the lies embedded in the painful wounds of neglect and abuse. Knowing and receiving God's love is the first step toward healing and restoration of any broken relationship. 
A Father’s Blessing - Genesis 28:3-4 & Psalm 139
David the Psalmist has a clear picture of the Father’s heart and I turned his words into a Father’s blessing. I also included God’s blessing we inherit through Abraham to Jacob and to all His people of faith (Galatians 3:5-9).

In the Name of Jesus Christ,
may your spirit and soul and body
believe the value your Father
places on you; may His understanding
of you bring you wonder and strength.

Listen to His heart for you—
receive the Father’s blessing:
My hand of love is upon you, imparting
a Father’s blessing to you.
I cherish you constantly;
every single moment I’m thinking of you!
I created you in love, by Love, for love:
I formed your innermost being—
carefully and skillfully shaping you.
My desires for you and your destiny
are more than the grains of sand
on every shore!

I saw who you were created to be
before you became you;
the number of days I planned for you
were already recorded in my book.
I thoroughly know you—
I understand your thoughts
and perceive every movement
of your heart and soul;
I read your heart like an open book.

I know the words you are about to speak
before you form a sentence;
I know every step you will take
before your journey even begins.
When you arrive at your destination,
I am there waiting for you.

I’ve gone into your future to prepare your way;
I follow behind you to spare you
any harm from your past.
I bring light into your night—
there is no such thing as “darkness” with me;
the night is bright as day,
with no difference between the two.

My presence is everywhere.
Never imagine that you could be here
and I somewhere else;
it is impossible to be separated from me.
Wherever you go my hand will guide you,
and my strength will empower you.

May you multiply and be fruitful
and your descendants with you.
May you inherit the land I give you.
May all the generations after you,
and all the families of the earth
be blessed through you.

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