Friday, July 17, 2020

Blessing of the God Who Will Do It Again by Jan Elkins

Isaiah 51:9-11; 35:9-10  

There is a reality of evil. Israel is reminded that when they were threatened with Egyptian genocide, they experienced a demonstration of divine power.

In the Name of Jesus Christ,
      I bless your spirit, soul, and body
      with great victories in overcoming
      the forces of hurt and evil.

Though He is not the author, creator,
      or instigator of all that disrupts you
      or threatens to destroy you,
      everything is under His sovereignty—
      even to the point that He sovereignly
      turns hardship into blessings.

You have the sure word of the Lord Jesus:
      the Cross was the final blow in Satan’s
      attempt for world dominion;
      the work of redemption made Satan
      of no further significance!

Just as the Red Sea became an escape
      route for the redeemed,
      may every skirmish to disrupt
      and destroy you become an exit
      to safety and promise;
      your divine Kinsman-Redeemer
      can turn every circumstance
      into a way of escape.
Make this your prayer:

      God, it was you who made a way
      to rescue your redeemed—
      do it again!

May you experience the demonstrations
      of His divine power.
Influenced by the certainty of His historical
      acts, signs, and wonders,
      may you now have confident faith
      that He journeys with you,
      He comforts you, He delivers you,
      He takes all your needs as His own.

Confident in Him, depression and despair
      will disappear, sighing and sorrow
      will turn to celebration
      you will be overwhelmed
      with never-ending gladness and joy.

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